Electrolab established in 1984, manufactures pharmaceutical testing equipment and peristaltic pumps which are used in several industries.Electrolab exports 50% of its production worldwide.

The company has a well-trained production team supported by in-house CAD, software, hardware design engineers and well established vendors to support production target and a management that understands the importance of quality and timely delivery. This together with a flexible production process and cost effective operations has enabled it to be competitive, responsive and reliable.

The company provides validation and prompt after sales service for its customers needs. In addition, the network of Distributors and Representatives has the technical capability to support after sales service. With over 30 distributors and agents serving your interests world

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10 micron cannula 1/8" filter (pk of 100)

catalog.products.fields.sku SF-0103A00050
catalog.products.fields.manufacturerpartnumber 0103A00050

100 ml vessel

catalog.products.fields.sku 1102A00004
catalog.products.fields.manufacturerpartnumber 1102A00004

10mL Tap Density Cylinder Reducer

catalog.products.fields.sku TD-0301A00012
catalog.products.fields.manufacturerpartnumber TD-0301A00012

25mL Tap Density Cylinder Reducer

catalog.products.fields.sku TD-0301A00013
catalog.products.fields.manufacturerpartnumber TD-0301A00013

3 prong sinker (set of 6)

catalog.products.fields.sku 0103A00104

Abrasion drum (Position B) for EF-2W

catalog.products.fields.sku 0401A00012

Acoustic cabinet

catalog.products.fields.sku TD-301A000014
catalog.products.fields.manufacturerpartnumber 301A000014

Acrylic Molded Water Bath For ED -2SAPO/DI 200 A

catalog.products.fields.sku 0206B00035

Adjustable Sampling cannula for low evaporation jar lid

catalog.products.fields.sku SP-0104A00047
catalog.products.fields.manufacturerpartnumber 0104A00047

Basket- 100 mesh

catalog.products.fields.sku BS-0103A00060
catalog.products.fields.manufacturerpartnumber 0103A00060

Basket- 20 mesh

catalog.products.fields.sku BS-0103A00055
catalog.products.fields.manufacturerpartnumber 0103A00055

Basket- 40 mesh

catalog.products.fields.sku BK-0103A00057
catalog.products.fields.manufacturerpartnumber 0103A00057