Powder Flowability


Powder Flowability

FlowRatex is composed of a cylinder with the interchangeable discs with holes of various diameters at the bottom. The determination of fluidity is based on the capacity of the powder to fall freely by a hole in the disc. The carefully charged the hole by which a powder fall freely is small, larger if its flow. 60 grams are carefully charged in the cylindrical container until roughly 1 centimetre top

Tap the funnel slightly so that the powder is presented without compacting itself. After loading, to wait approximately 30 seconds; with the lever release the entry and observe if the powder runs. Start with a disc of 16 mm for unknown powders. If the test is positive, repeat the process with smaller discs until the test is negative.

If the powder does not run, repeat the test with discs with larger holes until the test is positive. FlowRatex fluidity definite as 1000 is divided by the diameter into millimetres of the smallest hole by which the sample will pass three consecutive tests. This instrument is ideal to determine the fluidity intrinsic of the powders and strongly recommended for the quality control of poudres.(flowdex).

Openings: 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 12; 14; 16; 18; 20; 22; 24; 26; 28; 30; 32 and 34 Misters L = 33x H = 41 X P = 23 cm.

Provides simple, repeatable index of flowability of powders

Determines the repeatable flowability index of powders over an arbitrary scale of 4-40

The FLOWRATEX powder flowability tester allows for flowability testing before set-up of tableting or capsule filling equipment and establishment of a reliable flowability index for purchasing and quality assurance, thus avoiding high coefficient of variation in product uniformity.

The performed test takes into account numerous parameters that affect powder flowability, such as particle size and shape, “fines” unit surface, actual and bulk density, porosity settling and electrostatic charge. Included with tester are a complete set of index flow disks.

Dimensions (cm): 31 W x 41 H x 23 D
Weight: 4 kg.